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I was talking with a sweet friend of mine not too long ago and she mentioned that she was doing two different devotionals along with following the Year in the Bible Reading Plan.

“They’re all SO GOOD, but I don’t have two hours to study every day!”

I am pretty confident that sounds pretty familiar to a lot of you. I struggle with the same thing! You should see the stack of books + devotionals on my dresser that I want to read. The honest truth is I don’t have two hours in the morning to do my bible study + the multiple devotionals that catch my eye + the books that I know would be so encouraging, just like you!

So what do we do?

Well, this is what I’ve learned when it comes to spending some one on one time with Jesus:

  1. Don’t do too many things at once.

    ⤑ ⤑ Just like in life, if you try doing everything- something, somewhere along the way is going to be dropped, forgotten, or rushed through. The whole point of spending time with Jesus, is spending time with Him, not rushing to do the next devotional or study. I’m the person who has done two bible studies at the same time, and a morning devotional; so I can say from experience, you don’t get as much out of it when you’re rushing to get to the next one.

  2. Keep a routine.

    ⤑ ⤑ I personally have a 365 day devotional that I read first thing every morning after I turn off my alarm. It’s the first thing I want to think about instead of Instagram or Facebook or Emails. I’ve been on this track for three weeks now, and it’s honestly the best. As for my actual Bible Study, I do that on my lunch break, when I get home from work, or right before bed. It just depends on how my day goes. I have a routine and I try to stick to it!

  3. Journal.

    ⤑ ⤑ This will most likely be on any tip list I can come up with because it’s my favorite thing to do. But I’ve also learned that keeping a journal of prayer requests or just letters to God can make a big difference with your time with Him. Sometimes as you’re writing something down, you’ll answer a question you may have had, come up with a solution to an issue you’re dealing with, or simply feel relieved at getting it off your chest. Leave it all at His feet. <3

  4.  Worship music.

    ⤑ ⤑ I once did a 10 week challenge of Getting Lost with Jesus. (Best time ever!) But during that process, every day there was a worship song to listen to before digging into the Bible study portion. I absolutely loved it because it totally gets your heart + mind in Jesus mode. I’ll have to come up with a playlist to share with y’all.

  5. Pray. 

    ⤑ ⤑ I know it’s kind of silly to mention, but I always start of my time with Jesus praying this simple prayer, “Jesus, please meet me here“.

  6. Be alone.

    ⤑ ⤑ No phone + No people. Sometimes it’s really loud at my house so I’ll plug in my headphones and I’ll put on the sound of the ocean or rain falling, but I’ll put my phone on Do Not Disturb so I won’t be interrupted.

  7. Sometimes it’s meant for your heart only.

    ⤑ ⤑ This one is more of just a word of caution because I fall prey to this one all the time! I read something really good so I’ll take out my phone to take a picture I can put up on social media. It’s meant to be an encouragement to others, but sometimes God just wants to whisper it to my heart. I’ve started to underline, highlight, and write in the margin things like “share on Instagram” or “text to Sarah” or “Blog post idea”. That way I can go back and find it, but in that moment, it’s just Him speaking to me. To be completely honest, some things don’t get to Instagram, my friends, or the blog. When it does, I know God’s speaking to them, and when it doesn’t, it’s just another way I know He’s speaking to just me. <3



Do YOU have any Devotional Time Tips? Share them in the comments below!



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  1. I also have a 365 day devotional , I usually read it after I read my morning devotional/journaling. However I love the thought of keeping on my night stand and reading it as soon as I wake up. Thank you!

    1. <3 Awesome! I'd love to know how your mornings change once you start reading it first thing-- because I promise you they will!

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