Carattini Diary, Thursday Thoughts


I hated skinny jeans when they made their appearance. I really did. I didn’t understand why people would willingly squeeze into jeans when the bootleg ones were very comfortable. About two years later, I understood, and now I have one pair of bootleg jeans and every other pair I own are the skinny. That’s usually how it goes with me.…

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Thursday Thoughts


Can I bother you for a moment about something that’s been a huge lesson for me this past year? Thanks! 😉 I N T E N T I O N A L I T Y Too many times I’ve found myself being unintentional- with my diet and exercise routine, my shopping habits, bible study, my words. And too many times…

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Carattini Diary, Relentless Pursuit, Thursday Thoughts


I know we’re in a quandary. Girls. We’re told to look a certain way, act a certain way, wear certain things. We’re told we’re too loud, too quiet, too passive, not passive enough. We fight for approval of everyone meet. We fight each other, we fight others. We fight to be treated equally and then we turn around and fight…

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