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Guess what?

I had one of those days.

You know the ones I mean, don’t you? They’re the ones where I make the most selfish decisions. The ones where my heart is heavy, so I lash out. The ones where I don’t necessarily think of others first. The days where the enemy uses my #sinnerstatus to his advantage and tears me down- so I lash out even more.

Maybe you’re having one of those days too, so I guess it looks like we’re not alone.

They’re not fun, are they? Being reminded every minute of the day that we are sinners and we don’t deserve God’s amazing grace + mercy. It makes this uphill battle even more difficult, and weariness seeps into every part of our bodies and souls.

That’s when I’m reminded that this battle is not against flesh and blood, but against things that are unseen. And yet, this weariness is so very  p h y s i c a l.

I read not too long ago, a story of a woman who was exhausted from fighting a battle she knew she would win. Confusing? Let me clarify it a bit. She knew what the outcome would be, but her enemy kept trying to keep her down. Every time she thought it was over, he would say something else bringing her back to the fight.

I resonated with it because, well, that’s what it feels like at times, doesn’t it?

As much as we know that we are indeed sinners, we strive to live a life filled with dignity + grace. One that reflects Jesus- His love + mercy. Then the enemy hits us hard and not only reminds us of our status, he keeps on hitting until we are so very weary and exhausted.

Enter #WearySinnerStatus here.

But here’s what we’ve got to remember:  we know who wins.

Jesus told us that He would win this fight. He would sweep in, our knight in shining armor (well more like our Regal, tattooed, fire eyed, sword coming from mouth knight that is described in Revelation 19 😉 ) win the battle, and bring us safely Home- our weary sinner status traded for white as snow bride of Christ status.

Jesus never fails, sweet friend. Never.

So let’s take that knowledge and let it give us the strength, energy, + courage to pick up our armor and keep fighting.

Besides, you’re in good company; I’m fighting along with you.



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