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It’s raining this Monday in Southern California– and I couldn’t be happier about it. I  L O V E  this weather. It’s my all time favorite. I get inspired, I’m happier, and everybody that I know tells me I’m adopted because of it. 🙂 I know not everyone is as crazy as I am to love this weather, so I…

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Now that the holidays are over, and New Years Resolutions are in full gear, everyone is trying to workout and eat healthier than they have been for the past six weeks. Myself included. Here’s the thing- I really really really don’t like diets (I get that from my Mama). But I do like living a healthy life and I know…

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Relentless Pursuit


I missed an appointment with God. I know, sounds a bit strange, right? But I did. I missed an opportunity to spend some one on one time with Him. I woke up at 4:30 AM, and instead of grabbing my journal and my Bible, I tossed back and forth for a solid twenty minutes, knowing full well that if I fell back…

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Carattini Diary, Relentless Pursuit


Last year I was excited to jump on the train of having a word for the year. The one I was given? W H O L E H E A R T E D. “Everything you do,” He whispered to me, “do it with your whole heart”. I fought against it for a moment, because, let’s be real- it would…

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