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Those who don’t know history are doomed to repeat it.

I had this thought.. part of being intentional is going back and seeing what went wrong and working on it. So, that’s what I’m doing– with the intent of helping YOU do the same thing. 🙂

I looked up some questions for prompts, journaled for nearly 2 hours (totally lost track of time!) + then chose a handful to put here to start you off on recapping this first month of 2018.

Don’t worry– this post is NOT me typing up my two hour journaling session– which to be completely honest was a lot of me writing a letter to God– but I did answer the questions I list here myself to get your wheel spinning!


January Reflection Questions:

What accomplishment [big or small] did you do this month?:

⤑ ⤑ Intentional blogging! I am so proud of myself for taking hold of a bit of my dream + start turning it into reality.

What was the most difficult thing you went through this month?:

⤑ ⤑ Facing some hard questions that Jesus set before me- and being honest + vulnerable with myself.

What was the best thing you went through this month?:

⤑ ⤑ Being honest + vulnerable. The questions may have been difficult, but I have a better idea of how to move forward now because of it.

What is one thing I want to do next month?:

⤑ ⤑ Create + stick with a meal plan!

What is one thing that is not working in my life right now?:

⤑ ⤑ Inconsistently working out ! I need to figure out a place + a more consistent schedule.

What is working in my life right now?:

⤑ ⤑ Getting rid of things that I don’t need. Already packed up two bags of clothes I don’t wear anymore and working on some more decluttering. 😉

If you could label this month in ONE word– what would it be?:

⤑ ⤑ Intentional. Even if I stumbled a little bit, I was intentional on getting right back up + beginning again.

What motivated you this month?:

⤑ ⤑ The desire for something more, something different. The desire to encourage others to pursue their own dreams + goals.

If life stopped today- what would you regret not doing?:

⤑ ⤑ Being scared of jumping into a new adventure.

What regret did you have this month?:

⤑ ⤑ That I didn’t fully stick to eating properly.



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