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Now that the holidays are over, and New Years Resolutions are in full gear, everyone is trying to workout and eat healthier than they have been for the past six weeks.

Myself included.

Here’s the thing- I really really really don’t like diets (I get that from my Mama).

But I do like living a healthy life and I know that means that I can’t have spaghetti every night (totally guilty of this), and that working out is a must.

Usually I’m jumping along with everyone else and starting an intense work out regime and cut my eating options within the first week of the year. But then around week three or four I get busy, so I get a little discouraged and slip up, then I feel guilty, and then I think,

“Oh well, there’s always next time!”

Like getting summer ready, wedding ready, vacation ready…  Oh, please tell me I’m not the only one guilty of this!! 😉

So, this year I’m trying something a little different.

I’m going to add/ take away something every week.

I want to build up to instead of stripping everything. I want to be intentional about living a healthy lifestyle instead of jumping in and then losing motivation.

I tested it out this week, and here is the recap!

Added: A Deadline; no eating past 7 PM (Did you know that you shouldn’t really eat three hours before you go to bed anyways? Yeah, me either!).

Removed: Candy/Sugar; and I mean candy sugar, not natural sugars. With all of the desserts during the holiday season, I decided to go ahead and cut that one out.

Recap: My stomach would complain while I was laying in bed every single night. Crazy right? But I would force myself to remain in bed instead of heading to the kitchen for late night snacks. As for the candy sugar, I actually didn’t really miss it. I did crave it one night, and I found some dark chocolate almonds- but instead of eating the entire little package, I only ate three. Besides, I know almonds are good for you, and rumor has it so is dark chocolate. 😉

The Outcome: Aside from my noisy stomach protesting every night, I actually wasn’t starving the next morning. I ate well, it just wasn’t liking all the snacks I took away. I also loved that when I woke up in the morning, I didn’t feel guilty for eating so late at night and so bad. 🙂

Monday, Tone It Up is starting a six week series. I’ve done their summer one before and love it since it’s actually quite easy to follow. If you’re looking for a program that is FREE and simple to get you started, I definitely recommend them! You can check it out and sign up for their six week program here!

I’ll be back next Friday to check in again with an update! Until then, I hope you join me on this healthy living journey! 🙂



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