Relentless Pursuit


“She was on a journey that required her to be fierce, and she had to decide if she was up to the task”. 

Life feels like that sometimes, doesn’t it? That it requires something more than smiles and sweet words. It requires strength and dignity and grace. It requires us to be fierce; to live fierce, to love fierce, to pursue fierce.
Not fierce in the negative sense but in doing everything intensely heartfelt and powerful.
That’s where I’ve been this past month: pursuing fiercely.
I’m refusing to continue to live day to day, going to bed wondering what if, and if only. Those are never great nights.
Sometimes that requires jumping without knowing what it’s going to hold. It means pursuing and trusting that He will lead you down the path He wants you to go down.
These past few months God and I have had quite a few talks that consist of me questioning, doubting, and crying at the beginning and then ending covered in His love, mercy, and grace. (And a headache that is insane!)
But I keep pursuing Him and His will for me. I keep searching and asking and praying. I keep listening out for His voice; I keep trying to obey.
The journey isn’t easy, nor is it painless. There have been tears, frustration, and heartache.
But there has also been exhilaration. The feeling of complete awe that overwhelms you after you step out in faith and obey and you get to see Him working.
That’s the excitement in obedience, finding out later what God had in mind.
So these past few months have been rooted in obediently pursuing what He has laid before me. Resting when needed, working fiercely at other times.
Planning, hoping, dreaming, believing.
And I get to watch it unfold little by little. Is it hard? Oh yes. But is it worth it? Definitely.
My sweet friends, I cannot encourage you enough to obey. Obey the difficult things He’s asking of you. Obey when He tells you “no, not yet”. Obey when He asks you to jump. And watch with excitement as the puzzle pieces start to fit together.
We’re on a journey that requires us to be fierce, and we have to decide if we’re up to the task.
I’ve decided I am. Are you up to the task?


** First published on my faith blog.

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