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I hated skinny jeans when they made their appearance. I really did. I didn’t understand why people would willingly squeeze into jeans when the bootleg ones were very comfortable.

About two years later, I understood, and now I have one pair of bootleg jeans and every other pair I own are the skinny.

That’s usually how it goes with me. I catch on at the tail end of a trend, or I don’t catch on at all. It all just depends.

But lately, lately I’ve been having to stop myself from getting the “in” thing, from following the trend, because if I’m being really honest- it’s tiring (and expensive) trying to keep up!

The new planner that everyone is raving about and has. The bible study everyone is doing. The book everyone is reading. The layout of the blog, the photo filters on Instagram.

I used to be me, and now all I was doing was trying to be like everyone else.

As I sorted through my emails, unsubscribing to the ones that just tempted me to pull out my credit card, I heard that whisper, “You don’t have to be just like her”.

Just because someone recommends something, doesn’t mean that I have to go out and get it. Just because something worked for her, doesn’t mean that I have to do it exactly like her. Just because it’s the “in” thing, doesn’t mean that I have to have it.

I have to be me- not her.

There’s a quote that I love, that I have written on a post it on my closet doors, that I have as a screensaver for my phone, that I even have on my wall at work:

“I didn’t ask you to be her, I asked you to be you”.

And that’s the wonder of it all, God’s not asking us to be anyone other than who we are.

So just a thought for your Thursday: be you, not her. There’s no point in trying to be like everyone else. Let’s create our own waves, yeah?





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