Relentless Pursuit


For those of you who don’t know the reason why I started blogging, it was to share and hopefully encourage others to get lost in Jesus. I had finished reading a book by Dannah Gresh, with that title and a challenge (for more information and videos click here).  

I fell in love, not only with Jesus (read about that here) but with the concept of getting lost in who He is- His Love, His Words, His Presence, etc. (I want to tell you all about it, but I don’t want to spoil it, so go get your copy here – I promise you won’t regret it!).

I loved it so much, in fact, that I did the challenge seven times in three years; all at different points in my life, dealing with different situations, and each time it met me right where I needed it to.

It was after the first time I finished it that I had this desire to share my story and encourage others to get lost in Jesus. There was a fire lit in my soul that I had never felt before, and I enjoyed serving Him and others in this specific way.

That passion didn’t die- it merely changed.

My heart was restless. Getting lost in Him wasn’t as enticing, but I was still passionate in encouraging others to get lost in Him so I struggled. I wanted to move forward, have a path, not continually getting lost. 

At the beginning of 2017, I was determined to change my life, pursue after His purpose for my life, because I knew I wasn’t there yet; I was sure I was on the right path, I was just at a standstill. 

So, I prayed and my heart’s struggle was evident in my prayers:

How do I continue to get lost in You and encourage others to do the same when I am so tired of getting lost?

The answer didn’t come right away, it rarely ever does, but when He whispered into my soul it was so worth the wait.

You are lost in Me.

Getting lost wasn’t an option because I was lost in Him. The whole point of the challenge, at least for me, I achieved.

So I prayed and prayed.

What’s next Lord? Show me how You want to use me!

But He kept quiet. So I questioned, what did I want this to be about? What did I want to share with others, to encourage others with? I kept praying, kept searching, kept my heart open to listen for what He wanted me to share, kept pursuing- relentlessly.

After changing the name of the Facebook page to yet another name that didn’t sit quite right, it hit me: The Relentless Pursuit.

Not just my relentless pursuit of Him, and His goodness, and of the dreams He places in my heart, in my path, but also of His relentless pursuit of me, of you, of us.

Because He does pursue us.

The feeling of rightness, of peace washed over me, and that soft whisper I’ve come to rely on, “Perfect”.

I’m no longer living a life without maps, as I first chose to do. Instead I have one very specific route in mind. And if any of my crazy pursuit can help to encourage YOU to relentlessly pursue Him, well then, maybe that was His plan all along.

So, here’s from getting lost to The Relentless Pursuit* –  join me will you?





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