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New Year Resolutions: Are They Worth It?

I’ll let you in on a little secret- I love lists. There is just something so satisfying about crossing off something on a piece of paper. It makes it look like I accomplished things during my day. One of my favorites is a Christmas list- although, my bank account may not agree with me. (Here are some super cute gift ideas that won’t break the bank for everyone on your list!)

I was thinking about it the other day since we’re creeping up on that time when making New Year Resolutions is encouraged. I’ve scrolled through Pinterest, stumbling across so many pins claiming to be “The Ultimate Resolution List.” I’ve skipped right past those articles that try to explain to us why we can’t seem to stick to our resolutions and have already listened to quite a few people list things that they want to try to keep to this upcoming year.

And I wondered, what are we doing?

Don’t get me wrong- I faithfully make my New Year Resolutions list at the beginning of every year, and every year, around month three, I faithfully break every single one of the things on that list.

For a girl who loves lists, it’s a bit perplexing.

I couldn’t tell you why I don’t stick with them; I can’t pinpoint why the things on my list don’t seem to make it to the point where I can happily cross them off- I wish I could. I even try to put things that may not be so crazy, thinking, “I can definitely keep this one!”, and I let myself down every time. According to practically every article out there, I’m not the only one, and that’s comforting to know. 😉

So, here’s a question- are they worth it? Is it worth taking the time to write down in what ways we want to try to better ourselves only to stop a few weeks into the new year? I know our intentions are good, that our lists are actually really good for us with things like wanting to eat healthily, workout more, or spend more quality time with family written (I’m sure) at the top of everybody’s list.

But if we make a list and then break it, only to write the same things on the list the next year- is it worth it?

For whatever my thoughts are worth, Y E S.

Yes, it’s worth it, because we’re setting goals for ourselves. Yes, it’s worth it, because it means that we are willing to work on ourselves. Yes, it’s worth it, because we’re learning and growing from each time we try. Yes, it’s worth it because it means that we haven’t given up quite yet. You see, the day we stop making resolutions, is the day we think we can’t get any better, and well, there should always be room for improvement.

And so, let’s make our New Year’s Resolution Lists, set those goals that will hopefully shape us into better versions of who we already are, and maybe this year we add to our lists:  Make it past month three. And if we do- we’re getting somewhere! 😉


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