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I know we’re in a quandary. Girls. We’re told to look a certain way, act a certain way, wear certain things. We’re told we’re too loud, too quiet, too passive, not passive enough. We fight for approval of everyone meet. We fight each other, we fight others. We fight to be treated equally and then we turn around and fight that we’re not being treated properly.

We fight and we fight and we fight.

And no one seems to be winning.

In smaller settings, we see a difference. Surrounded by the voices of Christine Caine, Beth Moore, Priscilla Shrier- urging women to know who they are and Whose they are.

We walk away set on fire, confident, poised, and cherished. But stepping into the big picture, the fire is doused.

On a grander scale, we forget.

We forget that it’s not about what everyone else is telling us to do, say, or be. We forget that it’s not about being treated like one of the guys, then complaining about not being treated like a lady. We forget that we are not supposed to be listening to anyone other than God.

So are you listening to what He has to say?

Have you read them? These stories of women in the Bible?





Have you read about the sisters Jesus loved, Mary and Martha? The women who are unnamed but mentioned? The woman He protected? The woman He healed? The woman He went out of His way to talk to? The woman He accepted?

In a time where women were seen as someone in the background, Jesus set them front and center.

I stumbled across this gem written by Christine Caine and couldn’t help but shout out, YES!

“Jesus saw the woman caught in adultery as a beloved daughter, His creation, someone to be nurtured and enabled, someone for whom He was willing to die, someone for whom He had a vital purpose and destiny. He entered a male-dominated culture that devalued women, and to the consternation of the powerful men around Him, He talked to women, addressed their concerns, healed them, forgave them their sins, and treated them with respect…There’s a powerful understanding here: Jesus wanted women to go and tell. This was planned. This was intentional. He knew who would come looking. He did not expect women to be silent, hidden, withdrawn, or invisible. As He had done numerous times prior to His death, He valued, esteemed, and included women. He entrusted the Good News to be delivered by women. (Truthfully, I think He knew that if you wanted a message spread — back then or today — just tell a woman! In twenty-four hours, it will have gone viral!)…You want every woman to know that whoever believes in Him will never be put to shame (Romans 10:11). Fear is banished (1 John 4:18). Love is stronger than death (Romans 6:9). Good triumphs over evil (2 Corinthians 2:14). Our needs can be met in Christ (Philippians 4:19). Captives can be set free (Luke 4:18). Hope can be restored (Romans 5:5). Diseases can be healed (Matthew 8:17). Peace can prevail (John 14:27). Joy can reign (John 16:24). Failures can be redeemed (Romans 8:28).

Maybe my thoughts don’t count for much right now, but as we draw this year to a close and begin a new year I wanted to shout it to your heart: you are not just a girl!

So the next time someone says you are, I dare you to respond: “Just a girl? No. I am HIS girl and once I know that, I know that I am unlimited, untamable, unstuck, unmoveable, unleashed, undefeatable…”


Because you are.



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