The MONAT Adventure

My Salon Experience Without MONAT

I went to my aunt’s salon almost a month ago to get my hair cut. Summer was quickly approaching and my hair was long, and it definitely needed to have a fresh start. So I called up my aunt, made an appointment and headed to her salon.

I originally went with my MONAT products in tow- because I seriously LOVE these products! But when she started washing my hair, we decided to do a test.

After using MONAT exclusively for two months, I wanted to see what it was like to get my hair washed with salon products. Now my aunt has a nice salon with very high end clients, so she doesn’t use cheap products. In fact, the ones she used even boasted of having no sulfates!

I was really excited to see the outcome, because hello- SALON hair is AMAZING!!

She washed and conditioned my hair, blow dried, and styled it, then added some oil to tame the flyaways and add shine.

But it felt so off.

Not in the, “I feel guilty for not using MONAT” kind of way, but in the, “Why does my hair feel so weird?!” kind of way.

P.S. I LOVE the way my aunt does my hair, always have, always will! This wasn’t about her, but solely on the products she used!

It didn’t feel as soft as I remember salon hair being, and before the oil she put in my hair, it definitely lacked shine.

With MONAT all I have to do is shampoo my hair- yes this thick, curly, FRIZZY hair, only needs shampoo with MONAT! Crazy right?

But even with just the shampoo, my hair is always so soft, shiny, and tangle free!

With MONAT, I can typically use dry shampoo for three to four days (and four days is pushing it!) but with my salon product washed hair, I was itching to wash it after only a day!

I had to wash my hair THREE separate times with MONAT before finally getting my hair back to the way it was before my salon visit.

So, after all of that, I will NOT hesitate to ask my aunt (and any other stylists I may have to go to in the future) to use my MONAT shampoo and REJUVENIQUE oil!

Soft, silky, and shiny hair is definitely my hair #GOALS – every single day, not just when I head to the salon! 😉


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