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  l o v e    w e l l   I picked up this phrase sometime last year– I don’t know how or where, I just remember hearing it and my heart was convicted. Ever have that happen to you- convicted for something you didn’t even realize was an issue? It’s not a fun thing! Love  is–  complicated, to…

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Carattini Diary, Thursday Thoughts


I hated skinny jeans when they made their appearance. I really did. I didn’t understand why people would willingly squeeze into jeans when the bootleg ones were very comfortable. About two years later, I understood, and now I have one pair of bootleg jeans and every other pair I own are the skinny. That’s usually how it goes with me.…

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Relentless Pursuit


“She was on a journey that required her to be fierce, and she had to decide if she was up to the task”.  Life feels like that sometimes, doesn’t it? That it requires something more than smiles and sweet words. It requires strength and dignity and grace. It requires us to be fierce; to live fierce, to love fierce, to…

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